Personnel are trained and certified in proper packaging, labeling, documentation and reporting procedures,

for both domestic and international shipping. Samples are delivered exactly as specified, in recyclable professional packages. Orders and sample requests are prepared in a consistent and controlled process, and shipped the same day,

utilizing the most efficient and economical shipment method.


Dedicated customer service order processing through email, web based, or integration with customer specific systems such SAP, C4C, SALESLOGIX, etc. Custom reporting capability with shipment notifications, lifetime historical data, and customized reports for sales, marketing and management.


Sample Express includes over 50,000 square feet of warehouse, production, office, and shipping.  With dedicated receiving clerks and inventory managers and by warehousing totes and drums, product inventory is successfully managed to include shelf life, lot number, and disposal.


Personnel are trained and certified in proper packaging, labeling, documentation and reporting procedures for both domestic and international shipping using UN Certified packaging and shipping materials that are environmentally conscious and recyclable.  99% of samples are shipped same day of order receipt with emergency shipping available if necessary. 


Using customer approved labels and containers, Sample Express follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for sample preparation and includes an 8,400 square foot Department of Agriculture licensed USP/Food Grande and high purity controlled environment with refrigeration storage capacity.


implementing customer determined controls that might include TSCA inventory screening and notification, US Government  49-CFR, DOT, IATA/ICAO regulations

REACH regulation compliance, country/product controls, and denied party/embargoed countries screening.


SAMPLEREQUEST.COM is a platform whereby customers are able to enter sample requests using a username/password.  That username can also be given access to any or all of the following: sample activity, product inventory, and reporting.